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Teachers are not failing our children. Thank you for sharing your story so eloquently. Maybe some kids need tricks, but she just plain old READS and I was told that wasn’t enough…even though she is reading the same books her big sister brings home after we have had the same reader for 2 weeks! At least 90% of that time was a complete waste because they never could shove me in the box hard enough to make me stay. My son is in 1st grade and he has math and spelling homework each night. It seems you posted this a few years back? I have successfully raised three kids with this philosophy. There is no way you can teach 30 kids science, reading, English, social studies, Spanish, physical education, music, art, along with lunch and recess within 2 hours. If you try too hard to “keep kids busy”. Everyone I know had homework in the Fifties, Sixties, and Seventies in elementary school too. Children will grow up, “with age comes wisdom”, so let them learn more when they have such wisdom and play during the only time they will ever get to. Here’s an interesting article – If you haven’t already, ask your daughter. She is still a kid and needs time to enjoy her life. He has them do all of this homework so he can pass children he knows would never pass the class otherwise. While I don’t disagree that homework can be overwhelming and, depending on the school, nearly useless, wedding speech etiquette order I don’t agree with a letter to the child’s teacher. I don’t write junk in my daytimer—and no one else has to check up on it–it is the child’s responsibility–not mine! This seems good he has yet to get less than an A on his tests and is a great speller.

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This allows the student and parent to work on it as their schedule permits. My kids work hard the whole day and they need time to be a kid. Yes that sucks!!! Confusing! My question to anyone is ,is it mandatory to have homework?? Refreshing to hear – scary to do! One night, creative writing gmu one of my son’s was having a rough night, so I told him not to worry about his homework and we can just do it tomorrow night. And I still passed. Why? Because I worked during class time. The amazingly, shockingly low test scores country wide speak to how successful piling the expectation of learning more and more, and taking more and more time to do it, is actually working. This is where the struggle begins. They were extreme overachievers, kept a running tab of all the wrong answers they got on tests in each subject and still remember. I would have loved to have parents of my school kids like you!!! Busywork” has no place in education. As a teacher, I realize that there is a life outside of the school day and I try to be sensitive to that when assigning homework. He told us what (large) percentage of our grade it would account for and left it at that. As much as I was swayed emotionally by the original article, your comments are thoughtful and reasonable and convince me homework really is important.

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My daughter’s second grade teacher was extremely open to letting her turn in optional assignments. Instead, I picture them sitting on a computer, watching television, or more than likely participating in eight million extra curricular activities. She still aced all of her subjects without the massive homework drain on her time. Homework teaches kids to complete an assigment place it in a safe place and turn it in on time. It also makes me the enemy in my own home. Meanwhile, teachers have ever increasing demands placed upon them, accompanied by more and more restrictions–in addition to dealing with unreasonable parents each and every day. They aren’t and you aren’t. I believe homework prepares them from what is to come in higher grades. Homework for a kindergartner is too much, especially in a household where both adults have to work. My local school offers 45 minutes of art once every two weeks(certainly not music and gym). Some like “practice” homework, some don’t. A star for good behavior. If your child was talked to several times over the course of the day, a number was written in the box as to which rule they were not following. Things are going to change, and for the better with citizens like you that uphold the moral values that made America what it is/was. That, my friend, is why responsible, engaged parents want less or no homework for their children.

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The real problem is that in this day an age every parent thinks their child is the only child in the classroom and the only parent the teacher has to deal with. I spent 12 years in public school. The other 2—well, they did what they had to do, to get by, and now love their jobs. And if the reason is simply that a parent is uninvolved because s/he is working two jobs to make ends meet, max homework help homework is only adding to their work load and stress levels. I fear him not passing 2nd grade because of homework grades. In the elementary school this was my philosophy and I had to endlessly defend it. So I know it is successful….

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