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I hope that this will not affect people to not participate in the Aion Portal Meditation “today” cus the light needs you. The archon, from my understanding, and that put forth in John Lash’s work, is a mind virus; something turns the host into a parasite in need of energy. I disegree with much of what these articles says. Then finally is to live shining brighter. Glance advanced to far added agreeable from you! Getting to grips with ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’, ‘what’s your name’ and ‘how are you?’, and the all important ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is simply common courtesy, and everything else you pick up is a bonus. Thank you for these revelations. They turned on me and said I blocked the light, that I was suffering from dark, dense energy vibration bc i was not receptive to their ideas. Acepta que NO vas a ser tan rapida en español como en ingles. Why does always seem that many of the most kind, compassionate and all around good people tend to suffer so greatly? I have been in preparation for 40 years to do just what I’ve been doing, essay homework help which is fascinating and mystifying people with my remarkable psychic abilities. My strength has been so complete I have promoted the destruction of my own essence if need be to stop these parasites from doing what they have done to me and I continue to do so. This was a very helpful piece of information! I got very scull crushing headaches around them and many nightmares of angelic and demonic figures harassing me. I have always found suspicious that all near-death experiencers’ tales talk of being returned back to earth / their bodies against their wish. BEST books i’ve ever read–HIGHLY recommend!)!!

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I ask you, and the only thing they are doing is reenforcing the learning element of enforced recreation under experimental roles they set up for their own damn agenda. Note the one in the hospital hit me like a heated blanket made out of light and warmth. Time to wake up everybody, clocks a tickin’. YKM that info was taken from the world we all live in! Yes I have experienced what Pat has and more. All events and thoughts eventually get evaluated through your heart, like a heart/mind connection to use your stronger and stronger discernment. I too picked up this type of being. You caught hell because you hit the TRUTH!! Patrizzia. Es natural que pienses en ingles ya que es tu lengua madre. Since I don’t have a photographic memory I can only remember so much when I fast read in order to get off the net. I agree with him on all of his main points, although I can’t whole heartedly recommend his “new age BS” 7 hour podcast because I think he spends far too much time yelling at his trolls and detractors, and it makes the already very long podcast very difficult to get through. Today I shall make the statements.

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I say good riddance to bad rubbish. I once been bought by those lies! I have for a year been trying to figure out what happened to me and why my life is suddenly coming to a rapid and untimely end. I have been psychically attacked for years now by so called beings of light and humans claiming to be lightworkers. I do believe that certain ET’s (mostly reptilian) shape shift into angelic holograms to try an trick us in all ways possible, this doesn’t mean we should stop trusting all angelic beings of light. Just like Linda. It feels good to know I’m not alone to see clear through the numerous intrication of falsifications. Here in physical form as witnesses to our advance or otherwise as we react to the incoming energies, which at present we all know are ramping up their activity. I am able to travel to other universes without harm coming to me. Thank you so much for your writings. However, someone else commented they’re working fine in their T12 fixture.-rob. Hurray for forethought! But, sadly, my inability to concentrate put a fatal flaw in that particular effort. Hi! I just want to make something clear, I think you are misunderstanding the term “fresa”… it goes more for like snob than for your explanation says. Verify truth? Truth is a perceivable resonance in the un-corruptable and authentic heart, not an agreed theory or belief. I commend Cameron for writing these two articles. To choose the lesser dark (fear) from without. We all fall short of the Glory of the One true Father… not Creator. I think the article was provocative and BRAVE, however, you’re defeating your purpose when you claim to tell in GREAT DETAIL how spiritual life, is wrong and declaring on a soujourner of TRUTH is thought provoking.

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Just on the human level, there seems to be some deeply wrong “game” that I know I’m supposed to feel like playing but it’s so hard anymore. No one can fulfill the Karmic law. I couldn’t have said it better myself. ND they were for nothing,to steal my energy.never more! I am from Colombia, now we are closer!, in fact, I am trying to improve my english. Others and myself are saying bring it on, lets get this over with. It seems pretty scary from their “atta boy” only commentary on their event page. It really makes me feel proud of being mexican. Think about it, a talking snake that is here to tempt a human in a beautiful garden. I have to stop and sleep. Today I dreamed that a little girl with black hair asked me ‘but when are we going to eat’ ?. Qué vamos hacer? Soy de los Estados Unidos y me siento frustrado aveces porque he estado estudiando, leyendo, cantando, escuchando varias cosas en español pero todavía no puedo hablar y tampoco no lo entiendo. We also have very respectful and gatefull people who are poor and not necessarilly nacos. However the MEN says there is no issue with the player fearing for his future after Mourinho gushed .The Special One claimed the Blues fans lacked the passion of supporters at Old Trafford.The Cherries pressed high up the pitch and put the Gunners on the back foot that led to their mistakes. As they destoyed their own planets to come to ours to steal our future, yes that’s correct, they are here to steal our future which is on us now.

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If something good happens to you, he travels to celebrate, academic writing service australia If something bad happens to you, travels to forget, If nothing happens to you, travels so that something happens to you. To make it worse, I’m totally tone deaf and no language had ever stuck in my brain! They try to give us all of our dremas in each level, until the seventh. The false light controllers of this world want us to continually look outward at some sort of Savior, when in reality it is up to us to reclaim our souls and move humanity out of this mess. I lived in Mexico for 5 years at the age of 33. Sovereignty is the key to releasing the soul from the reincarnative process which is the ultimate goal of yoga- liberation.

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