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Worksheets to print about Anglo-Saxon life. Which are like your home? Which are different? Visit Tyntesfield, a Victorian stately home in Somerset. Industrial Revolution, and family life of the period. Joseph Lister. Dr. Lister was a surgeon who discovered that cleaning wounds and surgical instruments prevented infections. Information about Mary Seacoles life. Plus, the Victorians began all the Christmas traditions like sending cards and decorating trees that we know today! Patented textile pattern by Christopher Dresser. Our lessons are investigations mapped to the curriculum that can be covered in a single period or followed up for homework. Victoria and her family. Uses Shockwave. Civilization. A PowerPoint presentation could be made. Queen Boudicca's revolt against the Romans. British home front during World War Two. Useful Key Stage 2 history resource. Worksheets to print about Roman life.

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Find out all about the bathing machine. Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) – Florence was the founder of modern nursing; she knew it was important to keep hospitals clean and well-run.Charles Dickens (1812-1870) – a famous Victorian author who wrote A Christmas Carol, and many other books about life in Victorian timesRobert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) – a Victorian author from Scotland who wrote the famous children’s stories Treasure Island and Kidnapped.Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892) – a popular Victorian poet; one of his poems was ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’, which was about the Crimean War.Thomas Barnardo (1845-1905) – founded children’s charity Barnardo’s  in 1870 as a home for children who were orphaned or didn’t have a place to live, which meant they didn’t have to go to a workhouseMrs Isabella Beeton (1836-1865) – an author who wrote a famous book about cooking and housekeeping that many people in Victorian times usedCharles Darwin (1809-1882) – a Victorian naturalist who wrote On the Origin of Species and came up with the theory of natural selection, which led to scientific research into evolution.Joseph Lister (1827-1912) – Lister was a surgeon who introduced the idea of keeping surgical instruments free from germs, and disinfecting wounds. Pathe Film Archive from 1896 to 1970. Britain from Caesars point of view. Men, write my essay for me in 3 hours women and children all had to live separately, so families couldn’t stay together. Included is the powerpoint and writing frame for the diary exercise. Portrait of Samuel Pepys & CharlesII. A great introductory lesson for Oliver Twist with context on the victorian period and workhouses, suitable for KS3 classes. London, with a famous person, Samuel Pepys. Greeks used to tell about his life and about his twelve labours. Even very young children had to work if their family needed them to. Britain in the past? An Anglo-Saxon case study. You can use them ‘as is’ or adapt them to fit your group’s needs.

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Why do we remember Florence Nightingale? Only poor people would work in factories and mines, and both were pretty unhealthy places to be. Other famous Victorians who believed that proper hygiene and sanitation were needed to be healthy were Florence Nightingale and Dr. Britain has changed since the 1930's. Most people thought that the disease was coming from areas that just smelled nasty and got passed around through scents in the air, but Dr. Laws were put in place that made working conditions a bit better in factories and mines, and that stopped young children from working by requiring them to go to school instead. Selection of pictures to print or use on screen. Tutankhamen, Rosa Parks, Pocahontas, Mary Secole. They wore dresses that needed hoop skirts underneath to make the dresses spread out in a dome shape around their legs. Click here for more information. John Snow worked out that the disease was actually spreading because of a cesspit that was leaking into a water pump where people drank from.

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A superb way of find out about mummification. More people were living in cities, but hygiene and sanitation was more important thanks to people like Florence Nightingale. Word to create labels for each toy. Or, they wore skirts that lay mostly flat but that poofed out a bit around their bottom – this was called a bustle. If you were poor and couldn’t afford to live in a very nice place, aqa gcse english creative writing mark scheme it was easy to get sick. Victoria, Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and schools. Since factories were usually built in large towns and cities, and people needed new jobs, most people moved to where the factories were. An interactive exhibit on the Tudor period. Gunpowder Plot, Coronation Day, Armistice Day. KS2. Packed full of information and activities. Wight looked like half a century ago. But, homework help like course hero it was also a hard time to live in if you didn’t have much money. There is space for students to record when the assessment took place, what their positives were and their next step.

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One ladder focuses on PEEL writing and can be applied to all historical concepts. Britain. Easy to read and navigate. Our new collection of over 80 documents on First World War Medicine. Wealthy people could also afford to buy beautiful clothes. There are superb learning movies with audio tracks. Dr Barnardo and how they helped children. Use digital camera when on local walk.

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